The Architectural Engineering Design Competition introduces engineering and architectural students to the conceptual design development of a structure. The exercise is intended to simulate day-to-day activities of a practicing engineer and architect, working together to find highly-functional and architecturally-expressive design solutions. 


This years competition asks students to design a roof structure over the skateboard park at UBC that not only meets the minimum coverage shown in the project handout, but also integrates into its surroundings flawlessly. Teams are encouraged to consider constructability, construction time, cost and aesthetics.  Please see the project handout for additional information.


Winning teams from last years competition are identified below. Special thanks go to Haeccity Studio Architecture who helped judge the entries. 


"The design that the winning team proposed allowed for a variety of user experiences and used materials efficiently. The structural and architectural forms worked together, the project team seemed to have a unified design where components could serve both structural and architectural purposes."


2017 Architectural Engineering
Design Competition Details

2017 Architectural Engineering Design Competition Results
2017 AEDC Outline (pdf)

1st: Team 7 - Christine Rohrbacher, Julie Sikora, Ayad Jabir (pdf)

  2nd: Team 13 - Samantha Hart, Ian Sandilands, Yemina Susanto (pdf)


Honorable Mention: Team 8 -  Nicolas Dagenais-Lussier, Nelly Goodarzi, Winnie Miao, Kevin Parris


2018 Architectural Engineering

Design Competition Details

2018 AEDC Outline (pdf)  
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